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Monday, January 31

The Art of Smocking -Vintage Book 4

More information from my vintage book
Priscilla Smocking Book, circa 1925

Click on pictures to enlarge.

This is the method "Smocking the Dots"  You can use a design included in this book or from a purchased pattern.  You would transfer the design onto you fabric. Then with your embroidery thread and needle   you would pick up each dot.  The design would begin to emerge.

This is an old  pattern that employs "Smocking the Dots". 
The first smocking I did was this method.  The pattern provides transfer dots that you iron onto your fabric as instructed in the pattern.  Then you actually smock the fabric (using embroidery floss) by picking up each  dot   according to the  pattern.  

This is my first "smock the dots" dress.  Made for my daughter 30 something years ago.

This is different from the transfer dots I showed in a past post. With the transfer dots (still available) you gathered the fabric using the dots, then you smocked the pleats.

I love Smocking
I love Tea
Get out your Pleater
And play with Me
Jeannie B.

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Julia said...

My first smocking was by following the checks on gingham. I've used the dots methods, too. A pleater sure made my passion easier!

The sewing room said...

I sure would love to come for a cup of tea and a play,if only.Your first dress would of put me straigt of smocking, l thought gathering up the dots was hard enough but picking up as you smock thank you.

Have a good week hugs Pat

Jeannie B. said...

Oh Pat!! It is all so easy to do. I was 21 when I made that first dress if you can imagine. I was away from home with my military husband and knew no one who even sewed. I had NO idea what I was doing and I thought it turned out wonderful! If that doesn't encourage you, I don't know what to say!!

Ivory Spring said...

That smocked dress you made is soooo sweet! i am sure it brings back sweet memories for you.

I just saw your work in the latest Sew Beautiful issue.... your work is absolutely gorgeous.

Kellie said...

Just found your blog... love little girls in smocked dresses! Love passing on the wonderful art of smocking...I taught a friend to smock and she has smocked several dresses for her GREAT granddaughter!

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