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Friday, February 18

My Pretty Shawl

No.  I didn't knit this!
My sister made it for me.

She's the knitter.

It is the softest thing you can imagine!
Must be mohair.
And light as a feather.  But warm.

I love to wear it.
It makes me feel elegant.

Next time I will fasten it with a Cameo.
That would be pretty.

How many of you knit??

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Narsistanbul said...

Very nice... Its good for this cold days, and you look very pretty with this shawl :)

Julia said...

This is beautiful! I can see how soft it is. I just wish I could touch it! I am learning to knit and crochet. I've made 4 sweaters and just started my 5th. I actually have known the stitches for years, I just didn't know how to read a pattern or actually make something other than a square or rectangle.

Sewbusymor said...

Jeannie..that is lovely...and gives me hope for some of my 'inherited' wool from dear mom. I knit...and sew and smock and embroider and needle tat and and and. YOU know how it is when we love to be 'domestic' goddesses but modern day women...not enough time in any day. I would beg your sister for the pattern please...I have some soft light wool...just right for that !! Karin

Elaine said...

I love to knit. I love to do so many things. I love to try and make baby daygowns. I'm getting better at it. I love to smock also. That also needs practice. You are a great inspirer.

The sewing room said...

What a lovely shawl you are a lucky lady to have a sister to knit you one,l knit but have never knitted a shawl or blanket but l have croched a blanket and l know how long they take.

Have a lovely week end
Hugs Pat.

Jan said...

I can knit a little bit, but it definitely is NOT calling, that would be smocking, my favorite.

Anonymous said...

How lucky are you to have a sister make something so lovely for you! Gorgeous.

Robin Hart said...

Lovely shawl. I do knit but I am not that fast. I do not think I have enough life left to knit a shawl.

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