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Tuesday, February 8

White Wednesday - Two Pretty Stitches on a Hanky

Yes.  I love hankies!!
Two of my favorite stitch embellishments on one little hanky.

Top is the Hemstitch used as a decorative  stitch and at the bottom of the picture used in a functional way.  The hanky is hemmed using the Hemstitch.  

Hanky is made of fine linen that I wish I had a bolt of!! It doesn't exist in this quality anymore.
Here you see the wrong side of the hanky on top of the right side of the hanky.  Not alot of difference because the work is so fine!!

And my fully blooming Paperwhites basking in the morning sun.

Mmmm, the smell is heavenly.

He has made every thing beautiful in His time.
Ecclesiastes 3:11

Join me on my tour of Faded Charm and White Wednesday!

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Julia said...

Beautiful hankies.

High Street Cottage said...

I have the honor of being your "linky neighbor" over at Faded Charm. What lovely hankies, My husband still carries hankies, (manly ones, of course) ;)
Your Paper Whites are looking wonderful.
Happy White Wednesday, xoxo tami

Bead and Needle said...

The hankies are exquisite - I love craftsmanship that fine! Happy White Wednesday - Tanya

Nancy said...

Beautiful hankies, but I have to say that morning photo of the paperwhites with the lace in the window behind in them is really stunning! I love that pic!


Liz said...

Very pretty work indeed. I so love these vintage pieces. :)


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