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Thursday, March 10

Fun With Friends- Day 2!

The  dresses look just like the lovely dresses the  ladies on Masterpiece Theater wear! 
The man's coat was from the 1700's.

We went to another Plantation home. 

 This Home has been in the same family since the Spanish Land Grant gave the land to the ancestors.  And the family lives there still.  Some of the rooms we saw featured antiques from 200 years ago mixed with a modern families needs.  The Parlor was really like a museum. Fixed just as it would have been during the 1800's. And it was the best part of the tour.

This is from the hem of one of the dresses.  Exquisite hand embroidery on such fine fabric.

This embroidered Initial was on a Pillow Sham on one of the 200 year old beds still in use. If you click on it you can see a close up. The workmanship is amazing. It obviously has  not been cleaned in quite awhile, which bothers me because it is such a treasure and should be better cared for.

This is the view from the front porch.  You can see the road which is the entrance to the house.
This is the same view that the Grandmother and Great Grandmother and Great Great Grandmother etc. etc. saw from the same front porch.  To me the view is totally tranquil.

I have decided that I don't like touring "lived in" homes as much as ones that are preserved just for tours. It is hard to get the feel for the period when you have 200 year old documents in frames that are so modern.  Plus, you don't get to see the entire house since the people live in it.  And I feel like an intruder.

The hostess was wonderful and gave great history lessons about the house but .... well, not my cup of tea.

I do envy her the gardens though.  Old brick pathways leading to secret places.
I wonder if she has the time to walk these paths.

This Birdbath at the end of the trail.

And the birds chirped so prettily and a beautiful Woodpecker flew from one huge Oak Tree to the next.  What a feast the birds have in their wonderful home!

And I felt like I was given the day as a gift!

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Kellie said...

I love the view from the porch... southern charm!

Patty H. said...

How beautiful!
Patty H.

WendyBee said...

Oh, how lovely! Thanks for sharing the gorgeous pictures. As much as I love my home in New England, it is pictures like the front porch view and the gardens that make me want to try living in the South. Especially in wet and dreary and muddy March...

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