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Wednesday, March 9

White Wednesday - Pretty Pillowcases to Make

I made these Pillowcases for my sister.  She lives up in the Cold, Cold North country so I used Flannel Fabric.  But not just any flannel.  This is Cashmere Flannel which is slightly finer than the regular kind.

Pretty, but very functional and sturdy.
I used a Cotton Lace which I call Pillowcase Lace.  This is some old, old lace I have had for years.
But Pillowcase lace is available.

Added a bit of embroidery.  
I used three strands of floss because it will need to withstand repeated washings.

This is what I did:
Seam allowances are 1/4"
1. Cashmere Flannel is about 60" wide so I cut 21" down the selvage. Basicly, you cut the width, fold right sided together and stitch the sides to make a Pillow case.

I used a ruler to mark the fabric.  And  a Blue Wash Out fabric marker.
2.  I embellished the front of the pillowcases but not the back.  I sewed two pieces of lace to the fabric.   Lower lace is------" from the raw edge of the fabric.  I left a space of 3/4" between them and sewed the  second piece of lace to the fabric.  I used a machine zig zag stitch to attach the lace and DMC#50 cotton thread.

3.  Then I folded the fabric RIGHT sides together and stitched one side seam.  Then serged the seam to finish the raw edges and reinforce it. And pressed the seam to the back.  Now I have the Front and Back sewn together at one side seam.

4.  I serged the pillowcase opening (front and back) and then attached the Lace Edging on top of the serged edge using the Zig Zag stitch.   

5.  I stitched the remaining side seam and serged the seam to finish like I did on the first side seam.

Easy Peasy!

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Mary Ann said...

Oh, I think the pillowcases are simply lovely. You did a beautiful job, as always!

Kellie said...

Beautiful work... almost too pretty to use!

Lady Farmer said...

What sweet dreams the one who lays their head on those pillows will have! I can only imagine how soft they must be!
I have never heard of Cashmere flannel ~ where do you purchase yours from, may I ask?

Kathy G said...

And you sister LOVES them, but is afraid to put them on her bed! :)

Sewconsult said...

They are beautiful. Can they withstand the washer and dryer, or is handwashing recommended?
Beckie in Brentwood, TN

Jeannie B. said...

You absolutely should use these pillow cases. And stick them in the washer and dryer. They are for everyday!!

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