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Saturday, December 10

Roses in the Frost.

How could I have missed the Frost warning??

I am so sad!

I usually collect all my Roses in a grand fashion before the first frost.

My bird bath turned into a Birdie Skating Rink.

But thank goodness for the Camilla!  

I think of them as winter Roses.

And A Gathering Place always has painted Roses posted on their blog.

I love this vintage Train Case.  I am going to enter the Giveaway and I will dream of it's being mine, until the fateful day  when  someone else will win it.  

Will they love it as much as I would have??
I think so.

I can just imagine a trip (by Train of course!) where I have all my lovely things stashed in my pretty Train case....Antique Lace and Fabric to stitch as I look out the window as the beautiful scenery passes by.  The porter brings me a cup of Earl Gray Tea and a Scone, then I ......

...To be continued (not really!).  

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1 comment:

Alix said...

Sad about the roses, but it still looks beautiful, if a little melancholy. The travel case is very feminine and pretty! Have a peaceful Sunday.

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