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"Baby will be well and smiling in little garments made by Mother, Auntie, Grannie and loving friends!"

Please join me as I teach the old fashioned techniques and skills needed to sew baby clothes. You will find lessons that start at the very beginning and take you step by step as we sew little baby clothes together. May you find much joy and pleasure in making them.
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Saturday, February 11

Sewing Baby Clothes

Baby Rose Class

I love to sew Baby Clothes.
Next week I will be teaching some of the skills I use to stitch them.  You make Baby Clothes just a bit different than other garments.  You want them to be sweet and soft and delicate. 

It's a simple thing to make them.  You just use the correct techniques and materials.  That's what I will be doing.  Showing ladies just what those techniques are and the best method to work those techniques so you can be pleased with the little Dress you will be making.

I'm teaching at Farmhouse Fabrics.

I will be teaching an interesting hand stitch.  Called Bermuda Fagotting.  There are other names for the stitch.  But it is a lovely openwork stitch created simply with a needle and thread.

We are going to make Looped Bullions and Rosebuds too.
And, of course....Featherstitching.  Your embroidery adds such a special touch to your garments.

You will learn how to attach lace insertion to fabric (in the correct order - when it over laps) and open the fabric behind the lace for a very elegant look.

The entredeux on the sleeve will be attached my favorite way.  Using the Old Fashioned Method.  With tiny little gathers in the sleeve fabric.  And I want to show you how to best attach the lace beading to the entredeux.  And the gathered lace to the flat lace beading.

I love the look of entredeux used to connect the seams.  Very fitting, as entredeux means...between two.  That is how we will attach our sleeve.

The back placket will be stitched down using the hand Pin Stitch.  Although some of you might prefer to use your machine.

This class is about skills.  The basic skills you need when sewing Baby Clothes.  And also basic Machine French skills.  Along with two lovely openwork stitches.  And several important embroidery stitches.

We will be working on a slip to go with our little Dress.  One of the nicest ways to finish a baby slip  is with the Shell Hem.

Sally at Farmhouse Fabrics keeps the classes small so the students will have the time and attention they need to  learn the skills I am teaching, but also the time to transfer their knowledge to the garments they are making. And ask questions.  

 Small classes make wonderful working environments.

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Susan said...

Oh, I can't believe I am the first to comment!!
The baby gown is beautiful...every little inch!!
Love that you connected the sleeves to the gown with entredeux. I always have problems with that part!
Your students are going to love this class!!

Sewconsult said...


Janice said...

Just breathtaking! I let out an audible gasp when I saw this.

Robin Hart said...

I need a few days with Jeannie... Never have too many of those.

Angela Lee said...

Farmhouse Fabrics is actually not far from me, and I would love to join the class. But it falls on Robbie's birthday. Can't miss that. I'll just have to follow it online and see you in October at the SAGA class.

kr said...

I wish I could take one of your classes. I am in love with those pretty little flowers and wish I knew how to make them. And to do the snail stitch....sigh

Kathryn Milner said...

As usual, such a ,lovely gown! You are very inspiring Jeannie !

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