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Tuesday, May 22

Paris - Day 4 Bike To Monet's Garden

Biking along the path to Giverny.
These were "beach bikes" and very comfortable.

The door leading to Monet's garden.
This is the "tour entrance" or back door.  The front entrance had a very long line to enter.  It is sure fun skipping the line and receiving special treatment.

View from Monet's upstairs bedroom window. He planned the view he would have when he woke up and looked out his window. 
He was a designer.  He designed his garden so he would have the scenes he wanted to paint.  

View from Monet's kitchen door.

Ahh, Pink and Blue!  One of my favorite color combinations.

And two of my favorite things about this outing.  
Experiencing it with my Daughter and Granddaughter!

Famed Lilly Pond.

Gardeners pond skimming boat.
We were told that Monet had a gardener whose job it was to skim the pond in the morning and arrange the lilly pads in a pleasing arrangement.

We had some refreshments at a cafe before biking back to meet the train to Paris.

What a wonderful day!   Several of my favorite things all put together in one glorious day.

1.  riding on a train
2.  biking in beautiful country
3.  being with my children
4.  gardens (and what a beautiful one this was!)
5. sitting in an outdoor cafe in lovely weather

Oh yes, number #6...having a picnic!

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dlogan said...

Absolutely magical! What blessed memories these will be.
Journey on my friend!
Darby Logan

Jan said...

what a wonderful relaxing day you had visiting Monet's garden!

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