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Monday, May 28

Paris - Marble Baby Bonnet

I was drawn to this marble bust of a Baby wearing a Bonnet or Cap.

I wanted to get closer to see what stitches and lace might have been used but of course this in only a vague replica of the original bonnet worn hundreds of years ago.

So, you have to imagine what the stitches and materials were.

I am thinking fine white linen with handmade lace.  The lines are some kind of openwork.  Bermuda Faggoting perhaps.   I want to make this Bonnet.  

I think I will.

We were...
at the Louvre.

I loved the paintings of women wearing filmy white dresses with lace.

Two of my favorite things....Daughter and Granddaughter!

And a few more of my favorites follow....can you believe we could take pictures? 

My all time favorite was Michelangelo.
It was the first time I had seen anything in real life that he did.

I have a thing for tough men and babies!

It reminded me of the very first Australian Smocking mag I ever laid eyes on. There was this cute Aussie man with no shirt on and he was holding a baby.  I was very surprised.

Afterward, we went to the Tuileries Garden for a picnic and a rest.

Another wonderful day!

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I think rows of ruching with some pretty Swiss beaded trim on top. Like I know! Ha ha. Now, a knit bonnet - I could do that! Love the Paris posts. K

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