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Tuesday, May 29

Paris - My Favorite Garden

Isn't this delightful?

This is a farther away view. 
The garden is to the right of the door.

Here,you are right in front of the door.

This is the area to the right of the door.  You can see that there was mesh behind the wrought iron fence.  To keep something in...or something out?

close up of the pink roses

Notice the pink climbing rose on the wall.
Peek inside the fence.  What a wonderland.
I can just see myself sitting in this garden having tea with a friend and stitching!

I love the arching shape of this Rose!

This is the pink rose that is shown against the wall in the previous photo.  I wish I could have smelled it! Every rose I have smelled in France was wonderfully scented.  I did notice that they have kept it pruned much more than I do my own roses.  It made me want to get home and prune my roses back more.  Or it might just be the beginning of the growing season?

And a rose bush in a pot on the upstairs balcony.

What a wonderful time to be in Paris.  When the roses were blooming!

Looking at the map in front of my favorite rose garden.
They were trying to find the nearest Metro!  I saw this garden when we biked past it on our Paris Bike Tour and I was able to find the garden again but I didn't have a clue as to how to get back to the Metro.

There is so much beauty, it takes my breath away.

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