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Monday, August 6

French Seams by Hand and Machine

First stitch done on the machine, using a 2.0 stitch length.
Still working on my pink Baby's Smocked Layette dress.

I am stitching my raglan sleeve to the dress front using French Seams.

After the first stitching, trimming and pressing, I am pinning right sides together of the back of the raglan sleeve/dress back.

Click for complete instructions about how to make a French Seam.

Always pin your fabric so that you can easily remove the pins before stitching.
And I stitch the back sleeve to the back dress by machine.  I like to use a Straight Stitch foot because there is more control of the fabric as it feeds.

But, I decided to do the second stitching on the front dress/sleeve, by hand.  I want my stitches to sit right next to the Smocking.  And I have more control when I stitch by hand.  It doesn't take long either.

My Brown Dog waits right by the door.  He wants to make sure I am really coming outside!  
I decide to take my stitching outside, along with my breakfast and a book.  It takes two trips.

Now, this is the life!  
And I finished my Tea House Mystery book.  I think I must have read most of the books in this series.  I hate for a good book to end!!

Greek yogurt, bluberries and walnuts.  I love them!

And this is my view this morning.

You just missed seeing the Humming Bird that loves my Salvia.

Top of the mornin' to you!

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