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Sunday, August 5

Stitching In My Garden

All Designs Are Copyright Protected copyright 2012 Jeannie Baumeister

It's a beautiful morning in my garden and I am happy to be stitching a baby dress.

I am making a little pink smocked dress from my pattern Baby's Smocked Layette.  This will be a gift for my neice  - she requested pink.  That's easy!!

It's early morning and I'm have a special cup of tea.

What makes this tea special?  Well, it's Rose Tea, sent to me from Portland by my sister.  I have discovered that I love it!!  The aroma of the tea really smells like roses.  It's wonderful.  And the taste of the tea is delicate and light. 

I am eager to see what will happen next in this I stop stitching as I drink my tea.  And I read.  I love this series of mysteries.  The Tea Shop Mysteries!!  

Just my cup of tea!
You might think it's too hot to sit out on my porch and drink hot tea.  But, it's not.  The ceiling fan makes it quite comfortable.  And really, when you have afternoon temperatures of 97.... it's downright cool.

And, did you know that drinking hot tea will really cool you down?  It's the honest truth.  You can click on over to hear what neuroscientist, Peter McNaughton has to say about why this is so. 

What's blooming in my garden this morning?

Why, Morning Glories, of course.  Now, go make yourself a cup of tea and sit in the shade!


Denise-Ann said...

My Nanna always had a cup of hot tea on a hot day when she came home from the city - she always said it was cool and refreshing

Karen said...

Good Morning! I love this post! I, too, love hot tea at any time or season, roses, that book series, and I am using your pattern to make a gift! Goodness! Lots of similarities here. My baby gown is pink micro-check with a slightly different smocking design. Thank you for the smile today!

Jan M said...

Love the little pink dress!
I drink hot tea in the summer, but mostly in the evening. Maybe now I will try drinking it during the day, too!
Have a wonderful Sunday!

Jan said...

I love rose tea! and the Tea Shop Mysteries are great.

marsha said...

I've been looking for some good rose tea, could you possibly post a link to the source? Thanks, and BTW, Love the pink baby dress.

Jeannie B. said...

Marsha, The tea was a gift but I have bought some different rose tea from the Rose Garden near Shreveport. I will look for it!

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