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Tuesday, February 12

Getting Ready For A Sister Trip!

A small plastic container with quilt squares (more of my mindless piecing!), blunt scissors, needles and what ever I will need.  See, I even have a list in my container!
When I am planning a trip, one of the more important things I have to do... is decide what I am going to take along.  Stitching wise!

I love my new little bag.  
My Mother in Law made me this little Stitching Travel Bag to use for my work in progress. It is very manageable, only 8" wide and 9" high.  It will fit inside my plastic container and will hold just the items I am stitching on. Everything else can stay in the container, inside my carry -on bag until it's needed.

Many of you Smockers will recognize this little gem as a fun table favor from a past Saga Convention.

It opens up to hold my thimbles.  Very handy.

My sister and I are going to take a trip....soon.

Here's a hint as to where we are going!

My neice made this lovely little journal just for our trip.  
My sister has an identical journal. 
My neice has a business called Seaborn Press where they do hand printing.
I like that.  

It's just waiting to be written in!!

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Louise Michie said...

Are you certain there will be time for stitching? Sisters generally have other things to occupy their heads. Buy matching thimbles. You will never feel apart.

WendyBee said...

Oh, Jeannie, Is it true? Are you really going to Paris? Oh, I am green with envy. I was already smiling at your adorable little workbag. (God bless Mothers-in-Law!)
Bon Voyage! I am looking forward to seeing pics.

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