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Tuesday, February 19

Paris Sister Trip - Day 1

Leaving on a Jet Plane!! 
  I met my sister in Atlanta at the  going to Paris gate.  It was very exciting!
As soon as we got on the plane  I took my sewing out. 

My sister Kathy, knitting a sweater.
We were lucky to have an empty seat for our sewing/knitting.
I thought I would really get alot of stitching done...but I didn't.  By the time I had settled down from the excitement of really going to Paris with my sister, they were feeding us dinner...then they turned the lights out!

Day 1. 
 The theme would be the Eiffel Tower.
It was the first thing we did after checking into our Hotel.  I wanted to do the same thing I did last year with my Daughter and Granddaughter - walk to the second level.

Kathy and I walked all 674 steps to the second level to take the elevator to the top.
It was windy and cold!!

Eiffel Tower - close up!
It is really beautiful up close. 
 The fancy iron work reminds me of stitching designs.

Galeries Lafayette
We didn't mean to be so energetic but we just started walking and ended up at the Galeries Lafayette.  The amazing department store building.  We had lunch and then went up on the roof for the view of Paris.

View of Paris from Galeries Lafayette.

au revoir....for now!

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Tanya Rachelle said...

Thanks for sharing the Paris photos!!! Beautiful!

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