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Thursday, February 28

Paris Sister Trip - Looking for the Needlework Shop

I had arranged to take a Whitework Class at a shop in Paris. I  was determined to find it before the day of the class. Paris streets are so tricky! 

But wandering around can lead you to some surprising places.

Painting in the Fragonard Perfume shop.
We went in a Fragonard  Perfume shop and upstairs they had a little display of perfume items.  

We could not decide if it was "The" Fragonard museum or not.
I loved the paintings.  All having to do with  the toilette.

We also wandered by (totally by accident) the French Restaurant (Le Grand Colbert)  featured in the final part of the Diane Keaton/Jack Nickolson movie  "Somethings Gotta Give". We planned to go back to eat there....but it didn't happen. Still, it was fun to peek in the window.  

Don't you love the places for scooters and bikes to park?
It was not easy to find this Needlework shop  so thank goodness I discovered it before Class Day!

Lovely Window Display in the shop!

I'll take you inside next post!....until then..

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1 comment:

suziwong66 said...

oh, please DO tell more about the stitching store and the whitework course you're doing...right up my alley and with luck i'll be in Paris later this year and can visit the shop too. I'm enjoying my trip to Paris...albeit through you Jeannie LOL

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