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Friday, August 2

Amish Friendship Quilt

I should have listened better....but this is kinda what I was told about the Friendship Quilts.  The girl  would pick out the fabric colors.  Then she would send blocks to her friends along with floss and the friends would embroider the block and send it back.

Sometimes the thread would be included with the square but sometimes only the thread colors would be written White, Blue and Green, or whatever her color choices are, then the stitcher could use whichever shades they wanted to use. And whatever embroidery design they want to use too.  It is up to the girl whose quilt it will be.

The stitchers name would always be embroidered on the quilt.  I removed the name for the blog.
The quilt design is another choice the girl makes.

I like that the quilt blocks in the center represent the closest relatives of the owner.
The blocks are returned and then the quilt is assembled with help from Mother.
Then quilted.

One of these quilts belongs to the Mother, the other to the daughter.
They told me these are special quilts and they like to look at the blocks and remember the friends who stitched them.

Isn't that Lovely?

Friends are the bright daisies  of our lives!

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Louise Michie said...

These quilts are lovely, mostly due to the emotions, love and care. Wouldn't this idea be terrific for a baby? All the future relatives could stitch a block, even if it was simply running stitch. I intend to try something like this myself.

Jeannie B. said...

Louise, I love your idea of blocks for a baby. What a wonderful memory that would be.

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