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Tuesday, February 25

Linda's First Heirloom Dress!

I received a sweet note from Linda, and some pictures of the garments she made.
This beautiful dress is the First Heirloom Dress she had ever made!!

The pattern is my OFB  

Truly lovely work!
For a photo of the original antique dress and the history…click Here.

Linda game me  permission to use her photos…she had told me in her first email that she made numerous mistakes and learned from every one of them.  That is the mark of a true stitcher….you don't throw your hands up and say "I just can't do this"….you keep on going!

Linda's words in her reply email:

"Wow!!!  There just may be others out there who are somewhat terrified to give heirloom sewing a try. If I were able to re-think my pattern choices I sure would not have picked the T dress for my first attempt! But it is so, so sweet!! The daygowns were much easier."

You will see the Daygowns next post!

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Angela Lee said...

Kudos to Linda! It is a great first heirloom dress. Very few look quite that good the first time around. lol

Martha said...

oh my word, that sweet dress is just divine. Nowhere is there a hint of being a first attempt. Precious and frothy little confection.

Mosaic Magpie said...

A beautiful job Linda! Thank you for the inspiration.

Diddleymom said...

I am overwhelmed by the comments & compliments. Thank you so much! Love the description "Frothy little Confection". That describes the T dress perfectly. Wish I had thought of that first!! LOL

Cheers, Linda A, Ontario, Canada

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