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Friday, February 7

Old State Capitol/Stitching Exhibit - Three

This is Post Three of my Old State Capitol Stitching Exhibit in Baton Rouge.

See Day 1  and Day 2

Not all of the Feed/Flour Sacks were made from printed fabric.  
A person needed solid fabric too.

Click on photos to enlarge.
I imagine it was alot of work just preparing the fabric for stitching.

The quilt backs must have been pieced together to make them large enough.

Up close you can see that the fabric was rather coarse.  Some fabric was a better quality than others and I wonder if that was intended to influence the purchase.  

This quilt has only two colors in it. 
 How long did the housewife save up her fabric to make this quilt?

There were books printed that gave you ideas of what to make with your sack fabric.

More on the ideas inside this book on my next post!

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Jane B said...

My dad tells the story of working in a store that sold the feed sacks. A German farmer came in with instructions from his wife to get a certain color. Not speaking German, it took my dad a while to figure out why one sack was not as good as another.

Jeannie B. said...

I like that story! He was a good husband.

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