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Monday, March 10

My Sewing Week in Pictures - Day Three

I worked some more on my French Handsewers Guild Project.
At this point I am simply stitching the running stitch to prepare it for the next step.
I love the mindless Running Stitch! (click to see how to do it)

…I don't know what the next step is yet - that's another program.

Day Three

Another Day - Another Tea Party with a Friend!!

It must seem like my life is but a Tea Party.  
I wish it was!

This is turning out to be a fine week with stitching company twice already!

I learned that this block is called a "Snowball".
I also did some stitching on this quilt. 

 My  Hand -Quilting neighbor is mentoring me on hand piecing and quilting.  This is a quilt I am doing with her.

My Brown Dog likes to nap beneath the window in my Sewing Room, behind the little sofa.
I might forget he is there - but he snores!

"Happiness is a day spent stitching with a friend"

Jeannie B.

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WendyBee said...

I was planning to comment on how lovely the blue-and-white things were, but then I saw that the brown thing was definitely the sweetest!

Jeannie B. said...

Thank you and I agree, he is pretty sweet!

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