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Please join me as I teach the old fashioned techniques and skills needed to sew baby clothes. You will find lessons that start at the very beginning and take you step by step as we sew little baby clothes together. May you find much joy and pleasure in making them.
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Thursday, March 27

Teaching at Farmhouse Fabrics - Day 3

Our last day of stitching class at Farmhouse Fabrics.

It was a lovely day.  We did some embroidery outside.
Natural light rocks!

And we learned to make Bullions.  Very nice!

We also worked on our Bonnet.   Much progress here too.

And we gathered lace edging and stitched it to our entredeux trimmed neck edge.
To see "how to"  click HERE.

Carolyn was focused on her embroider and almost completed one side of her Sacque.

And we finished our Shopping!!

And we had a real good time.

If you have never had the oppertunity to shop in person at Farmhouse Fabrics, you have missed a great experiance.  It is literally a wharehouse of  sewing fun. 

They are not open to stop by everyday so check their hours.
It's worth the stop.

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Greg and Donna said...

Those are so beautiful ~ and that looks like an awesome place to shop!

WendyBee said...

Stitching outside! You're killing me! At the rate, we are going up here, it will be July before I can do anything so outlandish. We have consistently been 20 degrees below normal. I have to wear a hat and mittens with my parka just to get the mail from the mailbox. Suffering a severe vitamin D deficiency this winter for lack of sunshine, and I've windburned my face just trying to get a little bit of fresh air. Okay, enough whining about the weather. After all, no one is forcing me to live here, right? Suffice it to say, I am jealous to be warm and stitching and browsing and touching and shopping, and laughing and visiting, and learning and discovering. I'm so glad you do what you do, and that you blog about it so I know what to yearn for.

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