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Wednesday, August 13

WBR Museum - A Grand Tour in the Belle Epoque!

Turn of the Century (1900) Dresses.
This summer, a Friend and I went to an exhibit at the WBR Museum in Port Allen, Louisiana.

They are always having interesting exhibits.

Belle Epoque means "Beautiful Era" in French.  
This time period dated from 1871 to the beginning of WWI in 1914

The exhibit featured clothing and other items of Aurelie Levert from her Grand Tour during the Paris Exposition circa 1900.

This was my favorite garment in her collection because it is embellished with White work embroidery.

I am sure the high neck would encourage anyone to have good posture.

I think the stately bearing we associate ladies of that time period with is due in good measure to the garments they wore.  They were very restrictive compared to our own.

This sleeve is beautifully embellished.

Open eyelets and Satin Embroidery.

This is part of the skirt.

More on the exhibit….next post

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Val said...

I bet that was so much fun! Beautiful. Now I need to tell you how gorgeous the baby blanket was that I purchased from you! Everyone loved it! I want to get a bib too. I will pop in there soon and get one.

Carolina Flores said...

Thanks for give us useful information...

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