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Saturday, May 30

Beautiful Vintage Toddler Dress

This is the dress that Jenny shared with me!!

I have had plans to re-create it for some time.  Lack of time has gotten in the way of my creative planning as far as this dress is concerned.

I love it!

Every stitch is by hand.
Imagine the joy of sitting and stitching this lovely concoction.

The lace insertion , fabric and embroidery and workmanship is truly a thing from the past.

I know very few people who could actually reproduce this dress by hand.
And I think that is a shame.  I hate to see fine needle skills disappear.

That is what the Smocking Arts Guild of America is all about.  
Promoting and teaching these precious skills.

The ruffle at the collar and the hem has been hand rolled and whipped to the fancy entredeux.

The skirt is attached to the bodice with entredeux (also hand rolled and whipped together).

The sleeve has a band of lace bordered with the same pretty entredeux.

Did you know that entredeux means - Between two  in French.  
You stitch the entredeux between laces….between  gathered fabric and flat fabric….between fabric and lace.   Really between anywhere you want to put it.  It is often used when making Fine Garments.  Not just to fancy them up but to give strength to the garment.  The fabrics and lace are fine and the entredeux adds needed strength.

 my word for the day -


noun en·tre·deux \¦äⁿtrə¦də, -də̄, -¦dər(), F äⁿtrədœ̅\
plural  entre·deux \-ə(z), -ə̄(z), -ər, -ərz, -œ̅\

Definition of ENTREDEUX

:  something placed between two things; specifically  :  insertion 2b

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