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Thursday, June 18

Paris Flea Market Fun!

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A Paris Flea Market!  Ahh, don't you just love the words….Paris Flea Market.

We were out and about early Sat. to visit one.
I was looking for old Baby garments and I was not disappointed.

Baby, childrens and womens clothing were plentiful.

Along with lots of interesting things

This eyelet Baby Bonnet came home with me.  But it wasn't until my second pass by the booth that the vender was willing to meet my price.  It is beautiful but has several tears in the fine fabric. 

But it's a  perfect class sample to show my students.

This wonderful booth was filled with sewing items.

And this, dear sewing friends, is my one regret about Paris.
I did not buy this lace!!

My Granddaughter loves a good Flea Market too.
She was great at finding things for me!

Street entertainment at the Flea Market.

It was pretty much over by noon!  So off to other fun things in Paris.

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1 comment:

amalowany said...

I do enjoy reading your posts. I do get envious when I see all the lovely sewing type items that you find on your journeys. I was particularly envious as you toured the UK when I saw your finds.

Keep on posting....perhaps even send a list of the stores to visit in each city!

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