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Wednesday, July 13

My Sewing Week in Pictures - Day 7

On Day 7, I finished piecing my sons quilt.  I sewed the inside Border and the outside border onto the quilt. 

I really like the rich  colors.  

I also worked on my Peter Rabbit Baby Blanket/Quilt.
(another long term project for me - although I don't think it should be!)

If you click on the picture above perhaps you can see my stitches around the flowers.  It was fun to do.  Quilting around the printed designs make the picture kind of pop to life.  Well, it does give it dimension anyway.

I love Perter Rabbit.
  And I love making Baby Blanket/Quilts.  So I am thinking about this quilt and my love of Daygowns.  I think I will stitch a Daygown and Bonnet to make this a set.  The Daygown will have a Shadow Embroidered Peter Rabbit on it.  I actually did the design for the Shadow Embroidery about 24 years ago.  Wow!

End of the Picture Week.

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1 comment:

Pat C. said...

I love Peter Rabbit, too and have been wanting to do a shadow work embroidery of him. Can't wait to see yours.

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