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Monday, July 11

Sewing Week in Pictures - Day 6

I only needed one more row to complete this Quilt!!

I didn't stitch at all on my Daygown today.

It's almost finished (which tends to make me lose interest in it…not a good thing!)

I pulled out the quilt for Son #2, which I started in January 2013.  I have been stitching it off and on for over three years.  But that's ok with me.  

Slow sewing, that's the ticket!

When I saw him over the Fourth, He asked me how his Quilt was coming along.

I am always receptive to prodding.

So I pulled out my Mother's Featherweight machine and got to work.

I spent the entire day…and a good part of the evening, sewing.  As you can see in the picture, I finished the last row and almost have the inner border stitched on.  

There will also be an outside border.  I was delighted with myself when I discovered that I already had the borders cut out and labeled in a bag!!

(Wow, so unlike me.)

Now, I can't wait to finish this and get it to The Happy Quilter!!

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1 comment:

Susie Gay said...

I love it, Jeannie. The quilt looks great, and lucky you to get the featherweight out and stitch on it!

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