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Tuesday, September 27

Saga 2016 - Colonial Williamsburg

Colonial Williamsburg - like visiting the past.
I was too busy having fun at the Saga National Convention to post my pictures in real tine!

This is what I was doing one week ago today.  I came a day early to take advantage of the fantastic tour arranged for us at Historical Williamsburg.

The rain didn't stop us.
Joyce and Lindsay arranged this wonderful trip and took care of everything!

Thank you both so much!

If you have a chance to visit - it is a fun experience.

We were lucky enough to have guides telling us about life in Colonial times.
The focus of our tour was Textiles, of course.

We were so excited to go into the Milliners Shop.

The Milliner Shop sold much more than Hats.  They sold fabric, baby and children's clothing, trims and much more.  Click HERE for great information.

Inside the small building, there were samples of items that might be purchased in the shop.

A seamstress was busy stitching up a gown for a customer.
(imagine sewing in such poor lighting - no Ott light anywhere!)

The lady on the right is the mistress of the shop.  In charge of every aspect of the work.  Read about the history  HERE.

  During our tour at the Weavers, we saw fabric created on a loom.

Lunch at a local Tavern was a fun experience and an opportunity to rest and get away from the rain.

We all enjoyed the shop that actually sold fabric by the yard and sewing items.
Sterling Thimbles were the coveted item.

It was a wonderful Day!!

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Cynthia Gilbreth said...

I'm glad I'm in the back so you don't see my bedraggled hair so much!

Jeannie B. said...

Cynthia - HA HA HA!!!

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