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Tuesday, October 19

Last Sister Visit Post!

This Baby Bonnet was in the Rosedown Plantation exhibit.
The Bonnet features a stitch that I am in love with!  Bermuda Faggoting. It is an openwork technique I have taught as a sample class.  I want to teach it in a class where it is used as it was in old baby clothing.

We had Steel Cut Oatmeal with walnuts and Honey Crisp apples for breakfast.  How did I not know about  these apples? The taste is wonderful!!

Wow! three needles at the same time.
My sister knitted and we talked.

Strider is carefully appraising which treat he should choose for his birthday.
We took Strider to the Pet store for his birthday and bought him treats and toys!!
He loved the Pet store!

Me on the left and my sister on the right.  I have the same wonky braids going!
Me and my sister having tea with our dolls.

Kathy is back in Ohio.
We had alot of fun but it was just too short a visit!

Love shortens the distance
between friends.
Though, sometimes, we are far apart, my heart you are always 
joan walsh anglund

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sunflwr1 said...

Hi Jeannie,
I'm fairly new to your blog and I just have to tell you how much "I" enjoyed your sister's visit. The stores you visitied, Rosedown, the amazing clothes, everything... what a wonderful time! I'd love to hear more about Bermuda Faggoting. What a precious bonnet! I also enjoyed the pictures of you and Kathy... they brought a smile to my face. The deckled edges reminds me of pictures of me and my brothers when we were little. Thank you for all your postings... had a great time!

Jan M said...

So glad you enjoyed your visit with your sister. Cherish the memories!
I have always loved the Bermuda faggoting article you did in an older issue of CN. I will be waiting anxiously to see how you use it next!

Sara said...

what wonderful moments you were able to spend with your sister!! Special memeories are made of such as this!!

Jan said...

Jeannie, all the pics of the yummy food - you can cook for me anytime. That cereal for breakfast looks delish!

Anonymous said...

LAST sister visit post? How sad!! I miss being there, it was such a wonderful visit. I love the old black and white photos of us you put at the end. Very creative. Miss you. The Sister.

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