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Monday, October 18

Sister Visit - Rosedown Plantation

Childs' Dress  at Rosedown Plantation. 
Rosedown Plantation is in St. Francisville, Louisiana.

It is my all time favorite Plantation Home to visit!

Click on pictures for Close up.
This dress is fine batiste, embellished with tiny tucks and lace.

This beautiful Cradle is where their babies slept!

Isn't that a pretty chair?
I loved to see the old sewing machine and clothing along with sewing implements.
The baby clothes would have been sewn by hand though!

I want one of these!
The Butlers Pantry.  

This is on my list of Dreams!
I love pretty dishes.  Just think - A Dish Room!!  And this is my ideal.  More cupboards that you can't see in this picture, too!
The outside of Rosedown Plantation is amazing!

And the Gardens are worth the trip all by themselves.  

Me on the left and my sister on the right.

I looked  like Pippy Longstocking with my crooked braids!  Pretty homely!
Me on the left and my sister on the right.

We are having a great time!   Wish you were here!!

Are you enjoying my vacation with my sister?
Have you been to any of the old plantations?  Which one is your favorite?

All photographs were taken by my sister Kathy.  Except the last one.  Probably taken by  Daddy.

All Designs Are Copyright Protected copyright 2010 Jeannie Baumeister


kr said...

I'm enjoying your visit with your sister and all the pictures you've been sharing. And, I don't think you're homely in your picture...I think you're cute.

Jeannie B. said...

oh, thankyou!

marsha said...

Sisters are among our most precious gifts. Enjoy!

Jane said...

Greenwood Butler Plantation in St Francisville is not as elegant as Rosedown nor as famous as the Myrtles, but descendants of the original owner still live there & give the tour. An heirloom dress on display caught my eye and the guide said that her brother was wearing it in a picture on the cover of a cook book her mother had written. (He was the only child small enough) Looked for the cookbook when I got home & found another book her mother had written, Weep for the Living--the story of her husband shooting her and leaving her for dead! Very interesting story, but my favorite plantation is Oak Alley since that is the name of my street!

Elisabeth Rose said...

I have been enjoying your photos of your sister's trip. It looks like you have gone to many places I would like to visit! My favorites so far are the antique canopy cradle and the antique garments. I love seeing the pictures from when you were little, too. Thanks for sharing your sister adventures with us!

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