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Thursday, September 8

Fun Sister Vacation - Yarn!

 See the green yarn on the table?  
I love the color.  I picked it out.
Me and Kathy in the Yarn Shop!
You might not be able to tell it but my sister is slightly manic in this photo.  She has been on a "buy NO yarn" gig for almost a year.  And she fully intends to end it. Right now!

The green yarn in the first picture is the shawl she is knitting for me.
I plan to wear it at the Smocking Arts Guild National  Convention.  She is a fast knitter.

And I smocked.  I was working on a new design. Working at the Beach??

But, what fun work I do!
My Sister brought her Watercolors with her.
And some Watercolor Postcards too.  I had never heard of such a thing!
And I painted two postcards.

A day at the beach 
well...a day at the beach!!

Just lovely in every way.

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Anonymous said...

I was not "slightly manic" - I was RABID!!!! I had no reservations whatsoever about breaking my self imposed yarn diet! It looks like we had such a relaxing and artsy vacation! Which we did. Your well-rested-but-back-to-the-old-grind-sister, Kathy.

Sewbusymor said...

What beach?? it looks like soooseww much fun!! Looking forward to seeing your new knitted sweater!! Karin

Jeannie B. said...

It is Gulf Shores Florida/Alabama beach. I can't wait to see the finished Shawl either! It WAS a great vacation! Fun and relaxing.

Jan said...

It's great that both of you love working with your hands. Except when you love it, it's not work.

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