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Tuesday, September 6

Fun Sister Vacation!

Ready to embroider Pillowcases!
My Sister came for a visit and we did fun things!  Like go antique shopping.

These pillowcases were sold in a package  together with other treasures.  The fabric they are made from is soft and closely  woven.  You can't find ready to embroider pillowcases of this quality today.  

I am wondering why this fabric feels nicer that today's fabric that is a higher thread count!?  Notice the machine Hemstitching.  These are really nice!

Let me show you the rest of the package!
Do you see the lovely beach? Close to the Florida/Alabama state line.
Here they are displayed on the table, looking out over the Beach!!  
Yes, we had a beach vacation!!  And a good thing we went when we did because the past several days have been a tropical storm!!  Our weather was perfect!

 The pillowcases in the first photo were tucked inside the bag of goodies (all for $15) that included all of the above.  Three sets of pillowcases, each prettier than the first.  A pattern of embroidery designs to stamp on the pillowcases.  And an assortment of old embroidery hoops, which I collect.
Someone had begun to embroider this pillow case.  I have since ripped out the stitches so I can choose my own colors.

Two sets of the Pillowcases have Hemstitched hems.  Or Thread Drawn Hems, as the label calls them.
I love that the old labels were still on them!

My new collection of embroidery hoops!
The lady who owned them knew what she was about.  She had wrapped two of the hoops to give a more secure fit and protect the fabric.  My sister and I shared the bag of goodies but she let me have all the hoops!

See the two chairs down by the water?  Those chairs are for me and my Sister!~  It's early morning on the beach and the Beach Umbrella girl is setting up the chairs and umbrellas for the beach goers. 
Me and my Sister. Beach Goers!
We had the fine fortune of going to the Gulf beach just before the storm came.  When the weather  was perfect, the water was clear and green and you could see all the fish swimming around your feet!  But NO Jelly Fish at all!!  And do you notice how no-one is on the beach?  School had started and it was a quiet, restful time!


(wish I were still there)

This is my White Wednesday!
White Pillowcases and White Sand.

All Designs Are Copyright Protected copyright 2011 Jeannie Baumeister


Sunrise said...

Just looking at those photos makes me long to sink my toes in that squeaky, white sugar sand. I remember my shock, as a child, when I realized that nobody outside of Louisiana had ever heard of Gulf Shores. My family has been vacationing there for over three decades. It was a well-kept secret for many years. What a lovely place to sit and sew!

Liz said...

I need a beach vacation! :)


Kellie said...

What a WONDERFUL vacation with sister!

Jan M said...

While the pillowcases are lovely, that beach looks even better!
I have a couple of similar pillowcases that were among my grandmother's sewing things. The fabric really is oh-so-wonderful!

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