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Monday, November 14

Cats in My Workroom.

Here is a picture of my preparations for teaching at It's Sew Heavenly.
Beautiful pale green fabric and off white laces.  

What a lovely combination.

It was a beautiful day so I had the window open.  
Open windows always attract cats!

Reilly always needs to think about things.  "should I sit in the window?"

Whoops!  Levi never hesitates.  He knew he wanted to be in the window.


He who snoozes, loses!

The fairy fabric when held up against the light of the window is sheer.  

I love this fabric! This is the fabric our dress will be made from.

You do need to starch and press it before beginning.   The starch brings out the body. 

 Brenda,  at It's Sew Heavenly told me a great way to prepare this fabric for several students at a time.  Spray starch the fabric heavily and lay the starched fabric over a towel draped chair.  The fabric is quite damp.  Do that for all the fabric pieces.  In this case 13.  Iron the fabric, starting  at the bottom of the stack.

I remember my Mother wrapping damp laundry  up in a towel to keep them moist before ironing, which  will work well in this instance. Roll the fabric up in a towel and then the students can iron them as they come into class.  It works great.  It will work for just one piece of fabric as well.

May your week begin happy and end in peace!

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Kellie said...

what wonderful company for you!

Sewconsult said...

Not a cat person, but a fabric-holic, so I think your fabric is divine!
Beckie, Brentwood, TN

Grandma Ellen said...

Love your orange kitty! I have a baby kitty, Marmalade, who is just three months old. He doesn't have enough manners to be part of the sewing room yet :-)

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