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Tuesday, November 15

Pretty White Napkins!

I was given a very nice gift recently.
You can tell that the person who selected this gift knew me well!

Several Vintage Napkins and an assortment of Tea.

The Napkins are made from fine Linen.  

They were hand embroidered and edged with Lace Trim.  I think the Lace is handmade.

Close up of the Lace and the Cutwork embroidery.

Can you tell that the embroidery is a pale blue?  My favorite combination - Blue and White!
Here you see more of the Cutwork embroidery and Satin Stitch.

Four different interesting Teas.

Some old friends dropped, we had tea with our lunch.

The first choice to try was the Raspberry Earl (I knew I would love anything with "Earl" in it!).
And I did.  It was very good.

With flowers from my garden.  
These Fairy Roses are loving this cooler weather.

...and this is my White Wednesday for this week.  Come with me to Faded Charm for more.

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ShirleyC said...

I love cutwork, and I have some similar ones I found at a flea market. I place them on my shelves and let the corners hang off in my sewing room where I display little trinkets.

Kellie said...

Such beautiful napkins... made the tea taste better didn't it! :-)

Miss Holly said...

I just adore beautiful linens. Yours are lovely. I like to think about who did the work....what were they thinking about when the did it. Who used them and for what?? such attention to detail....I think one of my favorite things to do is to iron these beautiful pieces of you will add your touch!! Happy day!!

Shabby chic Sandy said...

I have never seen napkins that pretty--I love them!

Lynn Stevens said...

Beautiful napkins...swoon...

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