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Tuesday, February 26

Paris Sister Trip - Paris Flea Market

Ah, a Paris Flea Market.

One of my Dreams come True!

And I was not diappointed!

I found many vintage linens.  Although no little baby gowns, unfortunately.

There were many items with exquisite monograms.

And everyday napkins with initials done in both fine and rough cross stitch.

This little silk childs dress interested me because of the Honeycomb smocking at the shoulders, and the hemstitching on the yoke. 

The back of the dress had several tucks at either side.

The only fine lace I saw in France was antique lace.
That seems very odd, doesn't it?

One man had a table piled high with old button cards.

This booth really interested me.  

There were lots of sewing items, old fabrics, old shop advertisments and some partially finished fine needlework which will be perfect to show my Whitework Class at the Saga Needlearts Retreat in Pa this April.

Here I am parting (gladly) with my money.

I barely had enough money left over for a cup of tea and a pastry afterward.

I had so much fun!!

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Tanya Rachelle said...

Ohhhh looks like so much fun! Thanks for sharing the pics!!! Makes me want to go shopping there!

Cynthia Gilbreth said...

This looks so wonderful! I'm sure you spent way too much money!

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