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Friday, January 13

London V&A - Cute Tennis Outfit

As we moved into the 20th century, I saw this ladies tennis dress.

My eye went straight to the Hemstitching at the neck and the pockets.

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Val said...


Louise M said...

A very interesting trim - not for the faint-hearted needlewoman. I would like to see it on a little girl's dress or a little boy's romper.
Way back when I played tennis, no colour at all was allowed other than white. The exception was social tennis on Sunday afternoons. I recall the fuss when one of the men had a black stripe on his socks on a Saturday. No game.

Jeannie B. said...

Yes, I can really see this on a Romper!

AnalogExperience said...

I read your "About Me" and, it really could have been written about ME: "I love babies, embroidery and old fashioned Baby Clothes!!" I discovered you from a Nov/Dec 1997 issue of "Creative Needle" that includes a delightful baby dress(?) pattern that I often just unfold to admire. I think I bought it at our yearly local used book fair (http://vnsabooksale DOT org/ When I saw the title "Old Fashioned Baby" I said to myself "wait a minute, that's MY byline!" lol- because I love perusing over vintage early Americana baby garment patterns. I call them "the old fashioned babies". Your brand name is perfect! I love it. Something about needlework and old fashioned things appeal to me very much. I long for the intricate and skilled needlework of the past. I have only been in needlework for a few years but took to it almost naturally, as if I had been doing it since childhood (which I haven't). My grandmother was quite skilled at all forms of the needle and knitting, beading, and so on. It is TOO BAD that we as a generation are not taught these things as a matter of course as they were taught to our grandparents. Thank you for your lovely blog, I like it very very much.

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