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Wednesday, December 28

Pretty Baby Bonnet and Bonnet Training!

This little Bonnet was made using my OFB pattern "Raglan Christening Gowns".
Find out about the pretty Bonnet Display in my first Bonnet post.

This is a classic Baby Bonnet such as was made for ages and ages.  Lace and Swiss Batiste.  The lace frill around the face is always flattering.

This bonnet has a lace embellished brim on it.  And embroidery.  My favorite stitch, Featherstitching!

I love a bonnet that has embellishment on the crown too.
I have used "Angel Lace" for most of the bonnet.  If you click on the picture to enlarge it, you can see the angels on the insertions (they are in the center of the insertion and alternate with one right side up and one upside down).

The ribbon ties on this bonnet have  been double folded and stitched in place by hand.  Sometimes you don't need a fancy Rosette.

Bonnet Training.
Did you know that you must Bonnet Train your little baby?  
If Baby is used to wearing bonnets every time they are out and about, they will think nothing of it.   But if you do not put bonnets on Baby as a regular part of their wardrobe, they will not want to keep it on their head at all!!

This is my White Wednesday for this week, along with Faded Charm!

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Kellie said...

You don't see them as much anymore but I just LOVE bonnets!

Linda M. said...

Hello Jeannie, I just love your baby bonnet! Happy New Year. Linda

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